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Carnosic Acid 30%

Product Description

Rosemary extract is the high efficient natural antioxidant, non-toxic, the antioxidant ability is far higher than other existing natural antioxidant like VC, VE and Tea Polyphenols (TP), and 2 to 4 times stronger than synthetic antioxidants like BHA and BHT. Main structure of active principle are stable and not easy to be resolved/dissolved, decompounded at high temperature of 190℃ to 240℃. As most of the other natural antioxidants (like VC, TP) are easy decompounded at high temperature, carnosic acid powder can thoroughly overcome the fatal demerit, so it is more effective, broad-spectrum and superior compared with other similar products.

Plant Latin Name: Rosemarinus officinalis L.

Product Description: Carnosic Acid 

Specification: 30%

Appearance: Light yellow powder

CAS No.: 3650-09-7

Quality Standard: Pesticides, Solvent Residuals, PAHS are under stringent control and conformed to Europe Food Additive Criteria, E392;

Function Characteristic: Anti-oxidated and anti-septic, protect from deterioration and fading. Especially for fried foods, As it has excellent hot-resistant capacity, it can endure high temperature of 190℃-240℃

Application scope: Rosmarinic acid supplement applied in Lipid, dairy foods, oily foods, confections, baked foods, etc.

Lead Time: 7 days

Packages (Food Grade) : 25kgs Fiber Drum

Storage condition: Stored at room temperature, well sealed and protected from light and humidity.

Shelf Life: 12 Months


Carnosic Acid 30%

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