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Rosemary Extract-Oil soluble Series

Rosemary Extract-Oil soluble Series

About Rosemary Liquid Extract of different specifications

Rosemary liquid extract is a highly effective natural antioxidant, non-toxic, its antioxidant capacity is much higher than other existing natural antioxidants such as VC, VE and tea polyphenols (TP), and it is stronger than synthetic antioxidants such as BHA and BHT2 To 4 times. The main structure of the active ingredient is stable and not easy to decompose/dissolve. Because of its excellent heat resistance, it can withstand high temperatures of 190℃-240℃. Since most other natural antioxidants (such as VC, TP) are easily decomposed at high temperatures, Rosemary Liquid Extract can completely overcome the fatal shortcomings, so it is more effective, wider-spectrum and superior compared with other similar products.

We produce rosemary liquid extract, Liquid and Powder forms in diffferent specifications.

Carnosic Acid 5%, 10%, there are two different light red orange liquid and light brown liquid, they have good fluidity, anti-oxidation, delay fat/lipid oxidation, powerful weight loss, anti-cancer effect, used for Treatment of cardiovascular diseases, antibacterial, etc. Mainly used in various pet foods, animal feeds, animal and vegetable oils, lipids, oily foods, meat products, DHA, EPA, krill oil and powders, soft gels, etc.

Carnosic Acid 20% and Carnosic Acid 30%, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, prevent deterioration and fading. Especially fried foods, due to their excellent heat resistance, can withstand high temperatures of 190℃-240℃, Carnosic Acid 20%-30% is used in lipids, dairy products, oily foods, sweets, baked goods, etc.

Carnosic Acid 60% and Carnosic Acid 90%, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, scanning free radicals, improving blood circulation, protecting DNA from oxidation, inhibiting early tumor formation; desquamation and drying, preventing microbes and toxic substances in epidermal cells Expansion and so on. Carnosic Acid 60%-90% is used in high-end cosmetics and health products, pharmaceuticals, food supplements, etc.

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