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Ursolic Acid 50%, 40%

Product Description

The research showed that Ursolic Acid could work with either curcumin or resveratrol to kill prostate cancer cells in vivo and in vitro. Ursolic acid was reported that caused autophagy and reduced tumour growth in cervical cancer. It was being shown to attack prostate cancer and could sensitise the cancer cells to a greater attack by trail drug. In the same way it was shown to attack colorectal cancer cells and could aid CHOP drugs.

Product Description: Uroslic Acid

Specification: 50%, 40%

Appearance: Light yellow to greenish powder

CAS.: 7752-1

Quality Standard: Petsicides, Heavy Metal are under strigent conctrol AND conformed to Europe Food Additive Criteria, E392;

Function Characteristic: Fighting Cancer; May Promote Fat Loss, Prevent Muscle Loss and Weakness, Promote Lean Muscle Mass, Improve Overall Strength, Improve Cardiovascular Health, Have Anti-arthritic Effects,Lower Blood Sugar, lower Cholesterol, etc.

Application scope: Cosmetics products, Health Supplement, Pet Foods, Pharmaceutical Products, antidiabetics, etc.

Lead Time: 15 days

Packages (Food Grade) : 25kgs Fiber Drum

Storage condition: Stored at room temperature, well sealed and protected from light and humidity.

Shelf Life: 12 Months


Ursolic Acid 50%, 40%

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